The Guy’s Not Into Cults, Or Is He?

The guy may be in a cult;
but he despises cultism.
He thinks he may be an
anti-Occupant cultist. He’s

not into cults. He has an
aversion to cults. Cults
give him the willies. Cult-
ism means no brains, no

choices, turning your life,
your spirit, your being,
your soul over, lock, stock
and barrel, to another

human being and chances
are a not very nice, moral,
ethical, just or compassionate,
one. And all we hear about

these days is the cult that
follows the Occupant. What’s
with that? Some, like the
sixty-three million including

crazy, white, evangelicals
who think that God appoint-
ed him to usher in the end-
times and the return of Jesus,

to some in the administration
who, in spite of Ivy League
degrees, believe the same
crazy thing, but there are

elected officials who don’t
love him let alone like him
but fear him because he
holds their future employ-

ment in his hands and they
will do what he wants to
save their jobs and, in the
mean time, we get closer

and closer to Dante’s In-

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