We Have Conveniences

We have conveniences
upon conveniences,
smart appliances

after smart appliances,
all gauged to make
money for the corpor-

ations not so much
the inventors who
work for the corporat-

ions and all designed
to make our life easier
to manage, but for all

the advances, there
are all the risks to
our identity (with

smart this and smart
that and social media),
so privacy is now a

thing of the past
(Darling, you know the
smart T.V. is watching

us.) and then there is
the matter of the resist-
ance of human nature

to embrace the most
up-to-date, ultra-mod-
ern, still strange, yet

truly interesting notions
to be testedĀ called peace,
justice, mercy and the

strangest of all — un-
conditional, self-sac-
rificial, agape love.

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