Miles to Go Before the Gentle Hybrid Sleeps

The hybrid animal moved nicely
down the two-lane road. Looking
in the rearview mirror, the driver
of the animal saw a muscular

Mustang rush up to the hybrid’s
behind. When the road turned to
four lanes, the easy-going hybrid
moved to the right-hand lane, the

muscular Mustang roared past.
The gentle hybrid eased to the
red light and next to him sat the
muscular Mustang. When the

light turned green, the muscular
Mustang’s driver put the peddle
to the metal. The hybrid eased
away from the light and steadily

moved up toward cruising speed.
At the next red light…well, you
get the picture. Yes, there sat
the rumbling and grumbling mus-

cular Mustang next to the easy-
going, quiet hybrid. And when
the light changed, the muscular
Mustang roared ahead, pulled in

front of the hybrid and the hy-
brid’s driver wondered why the
muscular Mustang was going
so fast when the brake lights

came on and the muscular
Mustang made a quick right
turn into a gas station. The

quiet, easygoing, clean, green
hybrid, eased on down the
road for many, many, many
miles to come.

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