“Ashes to Ashes” A Eulogy for the Republican Party — A Poem by Dr. Barbara Edema*

Ring-a-round the rosie,
A pocket full of posies,
Ashes! Ashes!
We all fall down.

A simple song the children sang,
The Plague, black death, on breath did hang.
Posies in pockets could not protect,
From small red rings announcing death.
From ashes they came, to ashes they fell,
Not fooled by posies, death cast its’ spell.

We watch the trial of a foolish man,
His followers sing while holding hands.
“He’ll give us riches, and White shall reign!”
Bigotry seals their decisive shame.
Simple fools hitch to his lies,
Stare at the ground, instead of the skies.

Democracy, where freedom rings,
Is threatened by fake offerings.
Trump’s betrayal of liberty,
Has wrenched apart what once was “we.”
Now it is hatred between “us” and “them,”
The fire fueled by Republicans.

“Cage brown children! Attack human rights!
Trod down the poor! Keep this nation White!”

Beware, oh leaders of the land,
Democracy will surely stand!

This cruel circle you refuse to break,
And reject to honor the oath you take.
Not a bit impartial, and gravely unfair,
Ignore all evidence, slumber in chairs.
Your false king daily spreads his plague,
Your arrogance is badly played.

Republicans take hands and sing,
A foolish song of rosie ring.
Your party’s demise is your sure fate,
No pocket posies at your waist.
And even if there might have been,
Ashes to Ashes, your song’s end.

Ashes, Ashes, you all fall down.
No fake king, no fake crown.
Lady Liberty with hand held high,
Will shed her light on this darkest sky.

Then all the children will rise and sing,
With joy at the final reckoning.
Children welcomed from every land,
To be cherished and held by gentle hands.
No more cruelty, harm, or hate,
New songs of life for them await.

This sad eulogy should not be,
But Republicans, this seems your plea.
Unless you step from dark to light,
“We all fall down!” Your certain plight.


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