Auschwitz, Mozart and the Executioner*

January 27, 1944, one year before
the Liberation of Auschwitz:

“I saw the attractive, seventeen-year-
old female emerge from the cattle
car where a hundred humans had

been squeezed like sardines. The car
smelled like cattle feces and rotten sar-
dines after a horrendously, long train

trip with two buckets for defecation.
She held her mother’s hand, but couldn’t
find her father because he was with his

ninety-one-year-old mother. I had the
privilege of overseeing the gassing and
burning of her father, mother and grand-

mother. Unfortunately, I missed getting
the girl, because she shipped out on an-
other wreaking cattle car. Besides, I was

looking forward to getting home, having
a fine dinner of sauerbraten, retiring
to the study, having a cigar, a brandy and

listening to my favorite composer next to
Wagner, that being the light-hearted, fun-
loving and inimitable Mozart, whose birth-

day is celebrated today.”

*January 27, 1945 marks the 75th anniversary
of the Liberation of Auschwitz by Russia.
January 27 is the birthday of Wolfgang
Amadeus Mozart, in 1756.

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