An Imperfect Meditation Routine With the Aid of a Wristwatch Timer

He sits and counts
1, 2, 3, 4 as his head
rotates left on the
axis of his neck. 5,
6, 7, 8 as his head
rotates right on the
axis of his neck —
back and forth to
100. He listens to the
crunch till the crunch
fades into the distance.
He breathes deeply —
in quickly – 1, 2, out
slowly — 1…2…3…
4….He opens his eyes,
looks out the window
at silently swaying
dune grass, rhythmic-
ally moving to the
beat of his heart, the
beautiful beat of his
heart. “As the hart
panteth after the water
brooks, so panteth my
soul after thee.” Count
down to ten minutes
on the wristwatch
alarm — ten minutes
of kairos in chronos
minus the plethora
of mind wandering
distractions like
our present, pathetic,
political predicament.

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