The Day the Senate Died

After the vote, the
Majority Leader and
the Minority Leader
thanked all those who
had assisted during
the trial. Then the
presiding Chief Justice
thanked everyone, in-
vited folks across the
street to the Supreme
Court building and made
a funny. There was clap-
ping and laughing and
you would have thought
we were watching the
celebratory end of a high
school graduation with-
out the concluding cheers.
No, something like that
actually occurred the
previous evening when the
Republican members of
the House raucously
cheered on the Occupant’s
State of the Union address
like silly sophomore boys
at a junior high basketball
game. Wouldn’t it have
been more appropriate, if
they had been in mourning
and exiting the senate
chamber to the sound of
a pipe organ’s lower
ranks of a funeral dirge?

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