Man Up

His dad marched in support of a King,
as a Republican (seriously?) governor,
he opposed Viet Nam and advocated for

compassionate capitalism — one with
checks and balances. A man of faith,
his policies were tempered by thoughts

of peace, mercy and justice. The kid
grew up with a silver spoon. As a can-
didate he had the gravitas to say he

was sure the trees of Michigan were
just the right height. He made a ton of
money closing down companies and

eliminating jobs. He was a venture
capitalist, some would say vulture
capitalist. He said he would never,

ever get the vote of the forty-seven
percent dependent on the federal
government. He didn’t. He lost —

until he took the vote of his life.
He probably should have just said
that he tries to follow Jesus instead

of giving the Occupant a talking point
at a prayer breakfast about those
who brag about their faith, but more

importantly, much more importantly,
he voted his conscience and became
the first senator in history to vote to

convict the president of his own party.
Was that the day the kid man-upped?
The Gov. would be proud.

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