Custer’s Last Stand and God’s Great Mercy Train

The (Universal) Christ has broken down the dividing wall of hostility.

But I say to you, “Love your enemies….”

You shall know them by their fruits.

The problem with individual salvation
in Jesus Christ is that it isn’t
biblical and it isn’t individual —
personal, yes, individual, no.

Salvation is covenantal, community;
it is for a people not an individual.
It starts with one particular people,
an oppressed community, a bottom-rung

community, a despised community whose
vision is a blessed, universal community
whose point of view is from the point
of oppression looking up at mercy, justice,

peace and grace and whose mission is to
go tell it on the mountain. There ain’t
much of that tellin’ these days — just
privileged, pampered white folk (and

don’t give me that poor white, out-of-
work working-class stuff, just individuals
who believe that Jesus saved them from
some future hell but who are making one

right here; they are still white and
historically on the top of the heap of
brown, black, yellow and red folk
beneath those white folks’ feet) who

think the Persian (read unbeliever)
Cyrus has come back to save all the
Hebrew children (read white evangelicals)
from captivity in Babylon (read the USA) —

poor, put-upon white folk who only
care about their own “individual
salvation,” hate their neighbor and
feel fear leading to violence that

they are at the mercy of the advancing
demonic demographic, er, God’s Great,
Mercy Train that is rumblin’ right on
through — Little Big Horn. All aboard!

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