Poems and Puns # 13 A Sandwich and a Pickle

Here he was — right, smack dab in the
middle of the Sonoran desert and he could-
n’t go for a hike because he had sore
knees from too much road running. His
wife would be going for a hike with the
female Chocolate Lab., new to the desert
but already loving the sniffs along the
trail — safe before the snakes come out
in the spring. Before they left for the hike,
his wife thought she would make him a
delicious sandwich using last evening’s
grilled, marinated pork tenderloin on or-
ganic Ciabatta bread with organic, sea salt
potato chips cooked in olive oil and a pickle.
As she handed him the plate, she saw his sad,
sad eyes. A pun came to mind to give him a
chuckle. “Here, honey, a pun to go with a
pickle: “Why didn’t the lost hikers starve in
the desert? Because of the sand which is
there.” He winced as he took the plate and ate.

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