Tis a Gift

Ockham’s Razor
finds my favor.
It remains as sharp
as sharp can be:
Explanations should
be as simple
as simple can be;
Entities should not
be multiplied
beyond necessity.
I once was called out
by an elder who
had no doubt
that I was goldbricking
and he wanted
to give me a figurative
For him, work
was punching
a time clock
and crunching
the task
the quitting horn
For me, time
was of the essence;
do the job right
with total presence
but don’t expend
more energy
than necessary
so you can
and multiply
A product of
his environment,
he remained
he believed in
plodding along.
I believed in
singing a song:
“Sing, sing a song
Make it simple to last
Your whole life long
Don’t worry that it’s not
Good enough for anyone
Else to hear
Just sing, sing a song.”
“Tis a gift to be simple,
tis a gift to be free,
tis a gift to come down
where you need to be.”
Excuse me,
I think I need to be home
to play with the grandkids
while listening
to Aaron Copeland’s
“Appalachian Spring.”

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