So Nice, Neat and Simple

Everybody wants to play by the rules,
it’s nice, neat, simple — rules. What is
not to like? What is not to live by? What

is not right? What is not so boring? And
then along comes Evil and it isn’t nice,
neat, simple. There are no rules except

find out the weakness of the other and
play it, play it, play it, make it sound
nice, neat, simple except it is any-

thing but nice, neat, simple. It is fascin-
ating; it is the forbidden fruit, the naughty
image, it is the place you want to go but

don’t want anyone else to know. And
then Evil knows and tells you and ruins
the whole damn thing and then we

are what we never, ever thought we
would be — prisoners in hell. And the
Devil shouts, “Gottcha!!!” No, no, no.

So, go tell it on the mountain; shout
it from the rooftop; uncover the coverup;
show the lie for what it is; don’t sell

your soul; live life and don’t leave
a trace; live a life of grace — it’s
a gift so nice, neat and simple.

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