Dead To Rights

We had him dead to rights
and all his countless wrongs.
If the Republicans had a backbone,
the enfant terrible would now be gone.

But embolden,
he multiplies exponentially his tantrums,
in spite of Senator Collins’ naive predictions,
and the nation is left with stress contractions.

When will we all have had enough
and Republican legislators show that they
have the right stuff?
Hopefully, we will harvest that political hay
before election day
and save this still adolescent nation
to grow old, wise and gray.

I’m sorry. Those who read this site,
ask incredulously, “You really think
the Republicans will see the light?
They can’t see the light

because they only fly by the dead of night.”
Unfortunately, I think you, wise readers,
are so, so right.
Does anyone have a wooden spike?

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