All You Need

The young, college psychology
professor stated in relation to
raising children that all you

need to do is love them. The
even younger seminary student,
new father and college intern

where the professor taught,
thought the professor was
incredibly naive especially

when dealing with a scream-
ing infant. It seemed so
simplistically simple. Surely,

the professor knew better, but
then again, the seminarian
thought, the professor didn’t

have children so the whole thing
is theoretical. Years and years
and years later, the now-retired

minister and then seminarian
realized that the professor was
right along with the Beatles:

All you need is love. Well, that
and a whole lot of patience
and establishing boundaries

and a bunch of other stuff
stemming from love as he
thought about his beautiful

fifty-one-year-old son who,
in infancy, had been one of
the beautiful screaming-

meemies who didn’t look so
beautiful around fifty-years

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