Our Adopted Daughter

Our adopted daughter lived six years as a sex slave in a house of ill repute. Her purpose was to have sex and produce babies for adoption.

Over five years, she had babies which brought in approximately $100,000 for those who enslaved her. Then, when they thought her best breeding days were over, they tossed her out.

By the grace of God, we found her and brought home this beautiful, six-year-old, female Chocolate Lab.

You might have thought I was describing a human female and I am not saying they are equal, but I am saying that our female dog was used and abused even though apparently treated well by the workers (Hispanics we conclude, because we have found out the girl is bi-lingual and understands Spanish) but she was enslaved, got nothing for her work except food and a roof over her head.

If it had not been for a great Labrador Retriever rescue organization, our girl, a wonderful creation and child of God, very well, right now, might be dead.

As it is, she is sleeping contentedly on the couch next to me. She doesn’t know she was used for anything and right now I’m glad and even more glad that she will have about six more years of thinking the couch is hers and that she only is allowing me to a little room there next to her.

If only we treated humans, especially right now those at the border, as well as we treat a dog, this dog, our beloved Babe and if only we could find our great human rescue organization.


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