Maybe The Greatest Hoax

The man’s immigrant father was
left an orphan at age thirteen
when his father, the grandfather
the man never knew, died of the

Spanish Influenza pandemic, the
man’s father’s mother, the grand-
mother the man never knew, hav-
ing died giving birth to a still-born

baby girl a few years before. The
man’s father never recovered
from those early traumatic scars
but somehow lived a life of com-

passion without blaming anyone.
Meanwhile, the Occupant tells us
there is nothing whatsoever to
worry about as the Occupant

blames everyone else for what-
ever woes he might have or is
suffering — the hoax of a pan-
demic, the hoax of a drop in

the stock market, the hoax of
Russia’s interference in the
elections, the hoax of an im-
peachment, and every hoax

that ever happened to him
since the Occupant was just a
glimmer in his father’s eyes —
which may be the greatest hoax

of all and the greatest tragedy
for the Occupant and the result-
ing tragedy we now are all ex-
periencing every single day.

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