Are the Gods Against Him Or Maybe It’s the Revenge of the Clerk at the Last Motel?

After 550 miles, he made a
dash for the lobby bathroom
when his wife was checking
in. On his way out of the bath-

room, he grabbed the door
handle and it wouldn’t open.
He tried and tried and tried.
Thank heaven he had his phone.

“Darling, I’m locked in the
lobby bathroom.” It opened just
fine from the outside. He had
been inside. The female clerk

said, “I’ll give it a try.” She did.
She was locked in the men’s
bathroom. He stood very quiet as
she called for help. “Funny guy,”

she said as he opened the door
after a few more yells for help.
The next day after 550 more
miles on down the road, he was

locked out of a motel after tak-
ing the dog out for a pee and he
found that he needed, in the
worst way, to pee, too. Failing

to get in, he peed where the dog
had and he said to the dog, “Girl,
I hope the security camera doesn’t
catch a view of this.” His wife

came to the rescue. Was it the
gods or the curse of the La Quinta
clerk in Tulsa, Oklahoma? As he
entered the motel, he thought he

heard a female, Southern drawl in
the parking lot behind him, “ You’re
such a funny guy.” He quickly pulled
the door closed behind him.

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