Do What You Gotta Do

Well, Dippity Do, 
     you do 
          what you 
know you need to do 
     in order to get through 
          and confirm your 
     to the philosophy 
          of enlightened
     in spite of 
          the fact that we 
should all do things
     for altruistic, 
          at least,
and, preferably, 
     really compassionate
That having been said,
     you, Dippity Do, in order 
          for you 
to do 
     to get through, 
have to come clean.
     Yes, when the 
          recent widow 
reached out,
     you got offended and mean, 
          when she wrote 
that in a photo of 
     you and your new 
          Chocolate Lab
you looked “precious.”
     It was the “precious” 
          thing, which you bristled to, 
and, so, you, 
     after one too many glasses 
          of wine, shot off 
a really snitty e-mail whine,
     which has resulted 
          in her being hurt 
beyond belief and
     you being a complete 
          jerk. So, what to do
in order for 
     you to get through?
          Make amends, ask 
for forgiveness, 
     change your behavior 
          and learn how to spell
     Marianne Williamson

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