Oh, Sorry. What Was I Thinking?

So what is it with guys
(and the use of the word
guys is too congenial)?
Males? What is it?

Seriously, is it still the
idea of populating the
world with one’s progeny
— spreading one’s

genes around? Hardly.
So, what? Domination
like in “I can make you
do what I want” using

the most basic human
sexual function as a
weapon against females?
Don’t “guys” realize

that they are human,
vulnerable, going to
get old and die? “Let
us learn how few days

we have and so gain
wisdom of heart.” Why
wouldn’t that alone
cause a guy to ask

the question about
one’s contribution to
life and figure out
some way to be con-

structive, helpful,
moral, ethical, com-
passionate, proph-
etic, affirming the

equality of men and
women, respecting
creation, affirming
the wonder of nature,

reveling in the holi-
ness of life, living
self-sacrifical love.
Oh, sorry. That’s Jesus.

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