Staying Home

It’s something new.
It’s exciting.
But this staying home will grow old.
Bring on the domestic
and all other fighting.
Bring on the hate,
To blame the other,
It’s not too late,
To name the guy’s mother,
Insulting him and his pride,
Tapping his mental dysfunction,
Taking everyone for a ride
Like the sycophant’s unction
And the reactionary, retributive,
Makes-no-sense violence goes
On and on and on.
And when we get bored,
As we, surely, will….
Just then he heard that the door
Of big business pay-out flew
Into the little businesses’ store —
Big business buying up the stores
And there then
Will be no more
Mom and pop stores
And by the way,
How are things at the border’s door
And the cages and all
The children on the
Hard, cold, unsanitary floor
And while we stay home
Is anyone paying attention to the store,
er, Casa Blanca?

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