Getting Soft?

Three months of moderate
temperatures down south
and now back home up

north and in the safety of
his home during this pan-
demic, he tries to go out

and exercise each day by
himself along the lakeshore
trails except that he went

out and the temp was just
at about freezing and the
wind was blowing so hard

from the north-west that he
was able to get in only fif-
teen minutes of jogging

before heading back to
the car and heading for
home and then he re-

membered reading about
a world-class athlete who
said if he only got in fif-

teen minutes of jogging,
he would have to be
satisfied for that par-

ticular day. He took
comfort in that on this
cold day in the spring-

time hope that it will
warm up in the next
few days while he can

still get out and revel
in the wonders of nature,
and if not, he will just

have to bundle up, layer
up and go for it just
like he did during the

Polar Vortex of 2019
when he mistakenly
stayed up north — brrr.

Hey, he thought to
himself, It wasn’t that
. Am I getting soft?

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