Spring Cleaning While on Lockdown

Get rid of the guns;
mom and pop on lockdown
soon will be turning into raging Huns.

Get rid of the guns;
grandma is after grandpa
for imaginary sins done.

Get rid of the guns;
grandpa is scared grandma
will discover the real sins done.

Get rid of the guns
and don’t forget the knives.
The thought of such mayhem
is giving everyone the hives.

Get rid of the knives;
keep the family safe;
help save desperate husbands and wives.

Get rid of the ropes;
we’re now hanging by a thread;
As time passes we’re losing hope
of finding them alive and not all dead.

Get rid of the virus;
we won’t let it mire us
With lockdown, we’re safe from road rage
but soon may suffer severe home rage.

Get rid of the Administration
causing so much frustration.
While home let us breathe deeply
say a prayer and save our sanity.

Get out the vote for November
when all this will be over
and the economy bounces back
and we can be kissed and kiss right back.

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