Campaign Rally Disguised As a White House News Briefing on the Pandemic — Not So Much Really But Mostly Geared at Helping the President’s Poll Numbers and Keeping the Base, April 1, 2020

At the news briefing, all the guys
(and it was all white boys) stood
shoulder to shoulder — way too
close together, by far — not
the recommended six-feet apart, not
practicing what’s preached. Do as
I say not what I do is the message.
They stood close enough to smell a
fart let alone suck in saliva droplets
emanating from facial orifices and
parts. The boys all bowed to the
Freak-in-Chief as they spoke about
things not at all related to the topic
at hand but related to calling out the
military to fight contraband. Say what,
Occupant? Earth to the Occupant.
Did you just say the wall is helping,
Occupant? And then one of the
boys said the military is practicing
recommended distancing. How can
they in those sardine can quarters
while one ship’s commander pleads
for help for his ship and crew and
why aren’t all the boys on stage prac-
ticing appropriate distancing, Occu-
pant? As an aside, the number of US
cases has gone up 4,000 and a hundred
deaths and counting just during this
part of the Occupant’s blow his horn
briefing. Earth to the Occupant!
And counting….

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