And Then There Is the Whole Thing

Today, he read two poems
that featured flies —
house flies, disease carriers,
but the disease part
wasn’t mentioned. In one
poem the flies are
all over the poet’s face, on
the food. In the other,
the flies play a minor role as
a passage into
summer. He sits and thinks
about flies and
images of kids in Africa with
flies in their eyes
come to mind and then he
thinks about possible
purposes for flies beside
being used as
metaphors in poems and
while it is said
that every creation was
created with a
good purpose, kind of
like Adam and Eve
before the fall, he wonders.
Bees sting but
pollinate, bats bite but
eat mosquitoes and
snakes eat rodents but
flies stump him
kind of like rats and then
there is the
whole thing about viruses
which the flies carry.

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