The Feds Are Flying Blind

The Feds are flying blind
And our butts are in a Coronavirus bind.
Some keep kissing the Occupant’s big behind
All while flying blind.

Did I just see little Dr. Fauci try to be hard to find
At the press conference where Dr. Birx
Was referred to misogynistically by the Jerk?
Did he have Debbie Does Dallas in mind?

They all left without taking a question from the press.
Good Lord, we are in a nasty, deadly mess.

So now we have Cush and the Tush
Heading up the Fed’s task force push.
Could it be they have stock in the untested pill
That they push and that could make many ill?

We’re flying by the seat of our pants
As we listen to the Occupant’s third-grade vocabulary rants.
Good luck as we try to get through
What the Occupant has miss-termed the ordinary flu.

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