Something Uplifting in the Wasteland

Worn out on MSNBC and
CNN coverage of the virus,
he checked the TV menu
on PBS for the evening:
Killer Storms, Disaster
Flooding. “Say what! Now?
Programs on natural dis-
asters?” He seriously
considered watching the
marathon programming
of NCIS: New Orleans
which has been going
seemingly since  before
COVID-19 landed on
planet earth or maybe
he would try to find
Mary Poppins. “It’s
a metaphor for Jesus,
isn’t it, dear? You know
Mary with the open
umbrella descending
and then ascending?
We need something
uplifting, no pun in-
tended.” “Mary Poppins?
Did you know those
scenes nearly killed
Julie Andrews?” “Oh,
my, not more bad news.”
“Honey, she survived.”

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