Now and Then*

“Now we see dimly; then face to face.”
The glory shines through the darkness.
The sun rises, the clouds clear space.
The earth comes alive in the stillness.

A solitary jogger moves along a trail.
A chipmunk scurries away.
On the Big Lake, a boat takes sail.
In the dune, whitetails play.

In spring, the leaves unfurl.
In summer, green commands the day.
In fall, the colorful leaves curl.
In winter, everything says, “Quietly stay.”

In the tempo, in the rhythm,
Spirit’s heartbeat is revealed.
There is steady evolution;
Spirit’s glory is partially concealed

Because we see dimly,
Because we turn away,
Because we seek only ourselves clearly
Until that promised darkness dispelling day.

The scales will fall from our eyes.
The ego will vanish from inside.
Spirit’s glory shines before our eyes,
In Spirit’s holiness, our spirits abide.

And we will see beyond where the eagle flies.

*idea from a meditation by Frederick Buechner

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