Job Without the Wisdom

Actually, he detests his base, the white, lower-middle-class;
he despises the white, working-class;
he demeans the sixty-three million;
he descends upon them with a vengeance with his tax law;
he deplores their lack of status;
he deprecates their white, evangelical faith;
he denies their economic plight;
he declines to invite them to Mar-A-Lago;
he doesn’t care if they die of the virus;
yet, he determines that they should “liberate” states;
yet, he summons them to his rallies;
yet, he charms them with the smoothness of snake oil;
yet, they follow his commands;
they are his base;
they are his cult;
they think of him as some kind of god;
they say he is ordained to protect them from people of color;
they liken him to Cyrus and Esther;
they say,
“Ye, tho he slay me; yet shall I trust him,”
though not in the King James English
or maybe in the King James English
depending on where they go to church;
though, he wouldn’t know the quote anyway.

1 thought on “Job Without the Wisdom

  1. This could be in the New York Times! Submit to the Op-Ed page?
    You write absolute truth.
    I pity the fools who follow him.

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