Naively, He Confronted the Elders

He confronted the elders when
they said there would be no
pulpit exchange with the black,

female pastor of a local congreg-
ation. He asked why and they
said it was not because she was

black but because she was a
female. He said they can’t stop
a female from preaching in our

denomination and they said that
they just had and he abruptly said,
“I quit.” He went home  and woke

his wife and told her that he just
quit his first pastorate at age 30
and she shouted, “You did what!”

and that they would talk about it
in the morning and now after all
these years of a pretty secure

retirement, he wonders why so
very few in Washington are will-
ing to do the right thing. Not that

he was so brave as much as a
fool rushing in or more like out,
but, still, it did all work out.

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