The Necessary Saving of Capitalism and Christianity

Those who have lived their entire lives in functioning democracies may find it hard to grasp how easily minds can be won over to the totalitarian dark side. — Uki Goñi is a Buenos Aires-based journalist

Those seeking power
chant that the greater
people are being attacked

by the lesser people,
those sucking the blood
from the very structures

of advanced civilization.
Their voices grow louder
and more shrill, “We must

separate the brown and
black babies from their
parents before the babes

can be indoctrinated in-
to militant masses who
want to destroy evan-

gelical Christianity, pro-
mote sexual promiscuity
and endorse abortions.

This sleazy, scum of the
earth has to be eliminated
before they can take up

arms, before they out-
number us and destroy
our God granted capitalism

and all of the wonderful
cultural inheritance from
our Northern European

ancestors and desecrate
our churches dedicated
to the glory of our Lord

and Savior, Jesus Christ.”
And as they took up arms,
the listeners, formerly

just ordinary Americans,
shouted, “Amen!” and
headed for their Jeeps

and Hummers. The wan-
nabe leaders looked at
each other, shrugged,

winked and said, “That
was easy.” Hitler would
have smiled.

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