Every Spring

Every spring, termites rise,
wings aflutter, swarming
out of dune sand, above
and around the house.
The house is protected…
still, the annual swarm sends
shivers up and down the
man’s spine as the termites
bounce off the window
screens. Would that the
virus had wings and he
could see exactly where
it was as it blew by the
protected house bouncing
off screens of closed
windows. The man said,
“On second thought,
I would sit at my desk
looking out the window
at people standing right
there on the other side,
trampling the dune grass,
singing, shouting, scream-
ing and blowing deadly
droplets all over the closed
window.” Then he thought
to himself,  I guess you can
see exactly where the virus
is…at least for now, I must
assume it is right there….

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