Our Fledgling Constitutional Republic Is Only a Sophomoric Child

The former president spoke
words of comfort, challenge
and affirmation — black man.

The newly appointed state Attorney
General at the request of the
family handed down new charges

including all police suspects
— black man. In the parks, on
the streets, cheering, affirm-

ing, (can you believe?) partying
— a rainbow coalition…but tonight,
when the dark forces, so aware of

the light of this first day of
justice because it is light, plot
the looting, vandalizing, will

the Temporary Occupant call out
the Federal Military thus sealing
his fate as a wannabe dictator

in a still-fledgling constitution-
al republic, in other words,
your sophomoric child who will

eventually grow out of it and
make you happy and proud
as the parent of a self-affirm-

ing, compassionate, empathic,
accomplished, spiritually mature,
focused, smart — black woman?

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