Unstacking the Proverbial Deck

Hundreds of unqualified,
     unendorsed, unsuitable
          people were appointed
and approved for federal
     judgeships — it’s called
          stacking the deck, but
then even the un-un-un
     people watched the run-
          run-run people and heard
the gunfire and saw the
     knees-knees-knees on the
          necks-necks-necks of an
entire ethnicity of people
     because of cameras inside
          of smartphones and even
that deck of cards threw
     out the jokers and the one-
          eyed jacks and sat silently
watching and en mas had
     a conversion experience
          much to the chagrin of
the stacker of decks or
     at least it is hoped that
          hard judicial 
               hearts can still be changed.


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