Really, We Know So Little

Really, we know so little,
Some sayings, some healings,
Words of comfort, words of judgment,
Getting into trouble, remaining silent

Before the authorities and then the
Excuse for a trial, humiliation and
An excruciating death followed by
A movement that transformed the

World. Probably, if we knew more
We would be nitpicky and dismissive
As we so often are when we find
Out the details. It’s better this way,

Kind of like the brutal deaths of
Blacks. If we knew a lot more about
Their lives we would dismiss their
Deaths and the way they died to

Get out from under the cloud of
Shame, kind of like what was just
Attempted with the black man
Who had his windpipe closed with

A knee. They tried to discredit him
As a criminal, but what we know is
That that doesn’t matter. What we know
Is that he was brutally murdered and a

Seismic shift took place. George, Jorge,
“Hey-sus,” Jesus, Breonna died and live so
Others won’t have to die — even us and our
Ample, white butts are handed an un-

Deserving get-out-of-jail-free card, and
A voice says, “You better make good on it
At long last. Listen, listen, listen and
Act .”

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