A Poor, Little, Snow White Lamb Who Lost His Way

He doesn’t listen to podcasts
but this one caught his attention.
A megachurch, white, evangelical,
male pastor, nice pompadour

according to the photo, was on
to talk about how he made a
bad decision regarding staffing
at his church, was furloughed for

awhile and then got the pulpit
back and a new book to promote.
The podcast was at a site of a de-
ceased, iconically humble priest

who wrote often about being wound-
ed. So, the wounding for the mega-
church man was an unfortunate
decision which sidelined his mom-

entum for a short period of time,
and this when a black man had his
windpipe smashed, his life taken
followed by a collective cry, “No

more,” and the shaking of the found-
ations of America. Are white, evan-
gelical, male pastors ever going to
get it? The world does not rotate

around their white, evangelical,
male behinds let alone their nicely
quaffed pompadours. Maybe they
should start by canning their

“individual salvation in Jesus
Christ, I’m going to heaven while
you can go to hell” heretical,
catchphrase, schtick which exempts

all adherents from any social,
communal effort for social justice
for all — i.e. the essential Jesus

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