I had seen her at the park
before with her two mixed
breed pits. They were nice
dogs. I petted them and we
chatted. My wife said that
she walked our dog on a
leach and the woman’s dogs
frightened our dog. When I
saw her again I said, “Lady,
you have nice dogs but they
need to be on a leash.” She
ignored me. I said, “You aren’t
going to pay any attention to
what I am saying, are you?”
I raised my voice, “Lady, you
need to put the dogs on a
leash. It’s the law.” She said
that she normally has the
leashes around her neck if
she needs them but the dogs
know her commands and she
forgot the leashes at home. I
said that that doesn’t make
any difference. She started to
scream at me and I screamed
back over her screams and she
yelled that I was attacking her,
attacking her, attacking her and
I said, “That’s it. I’m calling
the cops.” By the time I got
the 911 dispatcher, “Karen” was
back at her SUV getting the
leashes. Thank God I made the
call and not Karen. Thank God
I’m not Black or the outcome
might have been pretty different,
like dead different.

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