Irony — Flat Heads With Fat Butts in a Round World

About a measly five-hundred-years ago
Copernicus and Galileo helped us see

that we aren’t the center of the universe
and that all things do not rotate around

our ample butts. Was that all just 500 years
ago! What a short period of time. About a

gigantic four-hundred-years ago we en-
slaved a whole ethnicity out of the whole of

the human race. We learned so much such
a very few years ago in the history of creation

and then we did what we have been doing
since Adam and Eve and the first family wan-

dered around metaphorically — we whites
continue killing (actually not metaphorically)

God’s black and brown and red children. Are
we just angry now that we know we aren’t the

center of the universe? Are we just grasping
at another falsehood — that we are the center

of America? Most (but not all if you can believe
that) of us whites have given up a flat earth

but we are still flat heads with fat butts.

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