The Deadly Beat of Manifest Destiny

The man sits watching
a documentary on his
computer. It is on the

life of the last living
survivor of an indigen-
ous clan, all others hav-

ing been slaughtered 
the wave of Manifest
Destiny. The Indian was

a gentle soul with beauti-
ful brown skin. The man
looks up from his computer

screen to see the muted TV.
He sees beautiful people
with brown skin wearing

coronavirus masks, stand-
ing in a long, long line at
an unemployment office.

Later, he reads a line at
the bottom of the screen
of the still muted TV:

Virus deaths dispropor-
tionately higher for Native
Americans. And the deadly

beat of Manifest Destiny
goes on and on and on…
stopping the beat of

heart after heart after
heart…and breaking
the hearts of even more.

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