The Fickle Finger of Hate Not Fate

She said something like, “My family are
victims of learned helplessness.” It’s not
my fault as the finger pointed elsewhere
flailing in the wind like a windsock out of
control. And then the wind would settle down
and the finger would find its intended victim
and it would be the projection of guilt upon
the innocent. “They used that to make victims
of all others.” And the fickle finger of hate
(but not fate, thank the Lord) keeps flailing
and ultimately failing. She also said something
like, “The oddly fortunate outcome.” Did she
mean that circumstances are such with dire
challenges so great, that the primary purveyor
of learned helplessness is really revealed just to
be a windsock blowing helplessly in the wind?

1 thought on “The Fickle Finger of Hate Not Fate

  1. Bob, This one needs some explanation. When the wind settles down the windsock helplessly droops straight down – always pointing in the same direction. Further, what is the connection between “learned helplessness,” fate, and hate?

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