Modeling — A Conversation with a Long Deceased Spouse

He said, “I probably didn’t model the best cop-
ing skills and, in all honesty, where were you
with that? How did we have the gall to birth
two kids when we were and always remained so
childish with each other which then, of course,
the kids would take in in the technicolor, wide-
screen theatre called home? Seriously, is it
any wonder that one of them eventually said, ‘We
really look good to the outside world,’ and the
other one just stared? If looks could kill. We
should have had this conversation years and years
ago, but, then again, I think we started it a
gazillion times only to wind up in an argument,
loud shouts and kids ducking under chairs. And
now you’re gone and I’m here mumbling ‘Too soon
old, too late smart,’ and if you were here, I
don’t know that the end of the effort would be
any different than it ever was and I still can’t
stop telling you how much I love you.”

1 thought on “Modeling — A Conversation with a Long Deceased Spouse

  1. Bob, as a Marriage and Family Therapist, I wish every couple could read this poem! Truth washed in tears.

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