Let This Go

Let this time go down, down, down.
Let the next time go up, up, up.
Let us save the Republic now.
Let us be saved from all that is corrupt.

It is so horribly bad out there
that even eye contact is a threat.
In those unmasked, he sees rage and fear
and for the future he does fret.

But we need to watch each other’s back
And say over and over, but not to offend,
Yes! We need an Asian/Black
to help us move forward, not go back again.

The Kleptocrat/maniac in the House —
will lie and lie and lie over and over again
but will run and cower like a mouse —
the message of cowardly insanity to send

to those who watch the news
and seek a balanced approach —
those who have been touched by the muse,
meditate and find justice to broach,

they are the one’s who
somehow wisdom knew.
Let us be those, too.

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