Writing is Lonely*

Novelist and memoirist Robert Stone said, “Writing is lonely. […] But most of the time you are in a room by yourself, you know. Writers spend more time in rooms, staying awake in quiet rooms, than they do hunting lions in Africa. So, it’s a bad life for a person because it’s so lonely and because it consists of such highs and lows, and there’s not always anywhere to take these emotional states. […] It’s a life that’s tough to sustain without falling prey to some kind of beguiling diversion that’s not good for you.”

That, in part, is why I write poetry. I don’t spend all day in rooms writing nor, on the other hand, have I ever hunted lions in Africa (as does Donald Trump, Jr.). I have a relatively short attention span. I’m an extravert leaning toward introversion. Jogging, anyone? For 50 years, it has been meditatively, physically, spiritually, emotionally good for me. And the lion sleeps tonight. πŸ˜‡

And poet Ellen Hinsey wrote, “Contrary to a generally held view, poetry is a very powerful tool because poetry is the conscience of a society. […] No individual poem can stop a war β€” that’s what diplomacy is supposed to do. But poetry is an independent ambassador for conscience: It answers to no one, it crosses borders without a passport, and it speaks the truth. That’s why … it is one of the most powerful of the arts.”

Well, I’ll clap for that…. πŸ‘

*quotes from The Writer’s Almanac, August 21, 2020

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