Leave Me Alone

I want him to leave me alone.
He tweets constantly when
he is not swinging a golf
club. The media report his

tweetstorms. Before he was
the temporary occupant he
would appear on shows like
the View which I never watch.

He didn’t invade my life. For
the past four years he has.
He tweets and says ridicu-
lous, ignorant, dangerous

things. All of his corruption,
and it is his constant com-
panion, aside, his lunacy is
driving me nuts and there

are at least sixty-three mill-
ion Americans who think the
sun rises and sets on his
enormous behind. He’s like

a bad case of Shingles and
speaking of a virus, we are
told to think that everyone
we meet has COVID-19 as a

way of staying away from
people and safe and the same
goes for thinking that every-
one we meet has the Trumpster

disease so we will be quiet
keep our distance and leave
them alone because otherwise
we might get a bullet between

the eyes and I don’t even
live on Fifth Ave.

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