Did I Mention?

It’s time for me to get out of the
wild, white West and look to the East,
not that it’s a panacea, to let go
of the rational, intellectual faux
superiority of white philosophy and
white religion handed down from one
white generation to the next — ex-
pectations from kindergarten through
graduate school assuming that the highly
educated and highly intelligent measured
by white, Western measurements to get
from one stage to the next will guide
us into the perfect white, Western future
but which when you really think about it
have brought us to this moment in time
when all of that has led to the false
image of masculinity and femininity
where fear and anger and rage now rule
the day and we only have to look to Europe
in the ’30s to see the failure of such
unconscientious hubris in comparison to
the simplicity of this natural Eastern
progression and explanation: 1.suffering
2. greed 3. relinquishing 4. right action.
Deep breath. Oh, and I came across this
description of Mike Pence: Mike Pence,
the ultimate beta male sycophant.
* Can
you hear him at the faux updates on the
virus? Thank you, Mr. President (my Lord
and Savior under his breath), Thank you
for your great leadership.  How could angry,
weak ego, white guy Donald have chosen
anyone else? Maybe Ivanka? By the way,
did I mention…? Kyrie…

*quote by Tom Digby, philosopher and author in his book, Love and War: How Militarism Shapes Sexuality and Romance

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