“Therefore, whatever is spoken
in the dark will be heard in the light,
and what is spoken in the ear in
inner rooms will be proclaimed on
the housetops.”

He reads those words of Wisdom
but he stands with Habakkuk and
chimes-in with his protest: the lily-
white couple from a white neighbor-
hood who brandished guns against
peaceful protesters of color walk-
ing past the faux-mansion appear
at the trumped-up convention and
he who stands with Habakkuk ask-
ing why the corrupt prosper while

the innocent suffer and another un-
armed black man takes seven bullets
in the back from a police officer —
seven IN THE BACK, such cowardice
on the very day the supercilious white
couple from the faux-mansion blab
on and on ad nauseam about patriotism

but he then heard Wisdom speak in the
voice of Lao Tzu, “I have just three
things to teach: simplicity, patience,
compassion.” “And all shall be well,
all manner of things shall be well,”
spoke Wisdom in the voice of Julian
of Norwich.

And the answer came:

“It shall come to pass. The secrets
of corruption, lying, cheating and
greed to go with the obvious bigotry,
racism, misogyny, homophobia will be
proclaimed for all the world to see,
hear, know and justice will roll down
like water from an ever-flowing stream.
It is the word of Wisdom. It will
happen. Trust the word of Wisdom.”

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