What The Man Did While the Occupant Stumbled Across the Stage

The man had his annual physical
and it was thumbs up, all points go.
He’s a year older than the temporary
occupant, considerably lighter in
weight and a life-long exerciser, but
we are told that the occupant is in
the best shape of any president in
history, maybe any human. The vice-
occupant says the occupant is in
incredibly GREAT shape and, yes,
     it is just that — incredible, just like
          everything else that comes out of
their mouths. The veep can’t recall
being put on alert when the occu-
pant was rushed off to the hospital
for reasons yet to be divulged just
like his taxes. Perhaps the veep
should take whatever it is that the
occupant takes to stay a stable
genius as the occupant holds the
water glass with both hands, teeters
at the dais and limps off the stage
     while the man celebrates his physical
          exam with a wonderful summer cycle.

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