One Percent of One Percent One Way or the Other

The one percent of one percent
are making money hand over fist.

A different one percent of one per-
cent are those fortunate enough to

hear how much their lives matter
to the lives of others. It’s just a

guess but the point is that we are
not very good at telling others

things that we really love about
them. Which one percent of one

percent would you choose? Your
choice. Oh, but then there are all

of us in-between who, on a spec-
trum from one one percent of one

percent to the other one percent
of one percent, go from really

greedy to unbelievably affirming
and in which direction are we

moving? There isn’t a tsunami
or tidal wave of love heading

in the way of that one percent
of one percent. And then, of

course, there are all the wild-
fires and the constant corona

virus and race relations and…
no wonder the affirming persons

comprise only one percent of one
percent even if that’s just a guess.

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