I’ve Had It*

I’ve had it with patriarchy;
it’s a whole lot of malarkey —
guys running around
sticking out their chests
beating their breasts
and making stupid guttural sounds.

Death is the end result
and the making of much tumult —
guys running around
brandishing guns,
acting like Huns
while making stupid guttural sounds.

And so, I am now resigned
to what matriarchy will help us find —
peace, playfulness, running around
embracing each other
like affectionate brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers
while making sweet, affirming, cooing sounds.

So, we must stop being chumps
like our close relatives the chimps —
living in societies with violence all around.
Rather, to our relatives the Bonobos let us look
for a matriarchal guide book
where peace, mercy and love abound.

*idea from a meditation by Matthew Fox: https://dailymeditationswithmatthewfox.org/?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=%5BDailyMeditations%5D%2010%2F27%2F20%3A%20%20Violence%20and%20Peace%20among%20Chimpanzee%20Communities&utm_campaign=%5BDailyMeditation%5D%2010%2F27%2F20%3A%20%20Violence%20and%20Peace%20among%20Chimpanzee%20Communities

2 thoughts on “I’ve Had It*

  1. Bob, I love this! Not just because I’m a woman who is sick to death of old, white, conservative, idiot men making decisions to benefit themselves and damage the masses. Give the matriarchs control for a decade. Watch and see…the world will be healed. 🙂
    You are brilliant.

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