Soothing Music/Scary Weather

The area classical music radio station
on-air personnel, at least once per
half-hour, give the weather report, not

as part of the news, just as part of
the regular programming, like, as
Copeland’s Fanfare for the Common

Man concludes with a sense of
musical triumph and affirmation, we
learn that the temperature for the

middle of November here in the
upper Midwest along the shores
of the Big Lake will be a high of

forty-two with a forty percent chance
of rain, overnight 32 with snow
showers and then for tomorrow,

seventy-two degrees and sun follow-
ed the next day by a hard frost and
balmy spring-like temperatures, gale

winds, further erosion of the dunes,
some homes falling into the lake
followed by a freaky Polar Vortex.

A listener says Michigan and some-
one else says global warming and
a third person pleads into the radio, 

could we please have Ralph Vaughan
Williams’ Lark Ascending or Cope-
land’s Our Town or Appalachian Spring,

something to take away the dread?
Do you think they give the weather
just so you will beg for soothing

classical music kind of like when
Saul implored David to play the lyre
to soothe Saul’s weary brow before

throwing the spear at David’s head?

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