Svendonnie Succeeds Svengali

Svendonnie just hangs on and on
tweeting lies that he has won.
He has a third of America (not just Svengali’s singer) mesmerized
with all his 23,000 lies.
But what he doesn’t know
is that he has just a third of the show.
Two-thirds furrow their brows
asking, “It’s day 1400! Can’t we throw him out now?”
No, the Constitution is right.
On January 20, Svendonnie runs
(not for office in 2024 but) for his Svengali life.

1 thought on “Svendonnie Succeeds Svengali

  1. LOVE IT! Yes, the King of Oranges in Florida will be running from a free orange jump suit, gift of Southern District of New York Federal Court.

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